Homosassa Tarpon Fishing Heats Up

Early May has been a tough time for Tarpon fishing in Homosassa this year. The high winds and late cold fronts have had the fish in a little bit of a funk. Water temperature plays a huge roll in Tarpon migration patterns. Without perfect condition Tarpon will not travel to our flats and surrounding areas. Over the past few weeks conditions have sustained and water temperatures are on the rise. Fishing is getting better and better every day.

Located in Citrus County, Florida, Homosassa is the home several IGFA world records for Tarpon on fly. Currently holding the 20lb, 16lb and 12lb class records respectively. Top anglers in the sport of fly fishing such as Tom Evans and Billy Pate have fished the waters of Homosassa in search of world records since the 1970’s.

Tarpon Fishing Conservation

Capt Brian has worked with several conservation efforts including the Bonfish Tarpon Trust to tag and release fish in the area. Tagging the fish with GPS locators help marine biologist learn more about their migration patterns and spawning locations. Learning more about this majestic animal is crucial to the long term sustainability of our great fishery.

Captain Brian Sawyer will provide you with the most productive and enjoyable Homosassa back-country fishing options in our area. We work with each of our clients to determine the right setup for your preferences, skill level and species. Our team can curate Tarpon fishing, Snook fishing and Redfish fishing trips that will create an unforgettable experience for you and your entire party. Contact us today at 863-712-5555 to book your charter or to discuss your upcoming trip with us. We look forward to having you on the bow.

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