About Your Homosassa Fishing Guide

Homosassa Tarpon Fishing Guide: Captain Brian Sawyer

A 5th generation Floridian, Brian Sawyer was born and raised in Lakeland, Florida. Sawyer’s father and grandparents played an integral and long-lasting role in cultivating his passion for Florida, fishing and all kinds of water sports. Brian’s intense passion for the outdoors was evident early on, when as a toddler, he spent countless afternoons roaming his grandparents’ dock on the Homossassa River with a fishing pole in hand.  This experience led him to becoming a premier Homossassa Tarpon Fishing Guide.

Much of Sawyer’s boyhood was spent fishing the lush grass flats and backwater bays of the Homosassa area. Brian’s fishing diversity and skills took a leap at the age of 13 when his family began to frequent the Florida Keys in Seababy, their 35′ Intrepid boat, fishing and diving throughout the crystal clear waters of the region. This obsession progressed even further as the family began to spend many weeks at a time exploring the unspoiled landscape of the Bahamas. The first boat Sawyer could actually call his own was given to him by his father at the age of 18. Sawyer began pulling the 16′ skiff from coast to coast in search of new species and adventures – keenly acquiring firsthand knowledge of various fishing methods and techniques gained through interactions with the people and diverse habitats he encountered along the way.

While attending Florida State University in Tallahassee, Sawyer discovered yet another unique playground to fish. While living in the panhandle, he was exposed to the “North Florida” style of fishing and discovered a myriad of prime fishing grounds throughout the region from Yankeetown to Lanark Village, all the way up to Panama City. It was also while living in the panhandle that Brian was first introduced to duck hunting, which like fishing, developed into another deep-seeded passion.

After graduating college, Brian returned to his hometown of Lakeland. Centrally located to countless bodies of water in every direction, he is able to maintain diversity and flexibility when deciding which species to target and where. Although always maintaining a laser like focus on the water while poised to intercept any cruising fish or duck, Captain Brian also loves to joke with his clients and make light of a bad situation. While on the boat, positive encouragement from the captain is the name of the game and under no circumstances will a client ever be put down or yelled at. However, in the interest of transparency, Captain Brian will readily admit that at times his clients may be subject to a little good hearted teasing if they miss an easy target!

After spending some time in the business world and enjoying success through his endeavors in that field, Brian began to notice that something was missing. When he wasn’t grinding away at the office, Brian would spend all of his free time feeding his passion for the outdoors and sharing those experiences with his friends and family. It was during these “weekend” adventures that Brian began to notice he gained as much pleasure watching somebody else create a memory on his boat as he did creating one himself. Realizing that his true purpose in life was to share his love and knowledge of the outdoors with others, Captain Brian decided to leave the hustle of the business world, move to his old stomping grounds of Homosassa and spend his days helping people discover and share his passion for hunting and fishing the waterways throughout the Nature Coast.

Boats We Fish

18 Maverick HPX with 150 Yamaha

Poles shallow and can make long runs in the chop. Fast, Dry and gets skinny!

17′ Timber Creek Duck Boat

WE GO THROUGH ANYTHING & HIT EVERYTHING!! Perfect for duck hunting in the marshes of old Florida.