The History of Homosassa Tarpon Fly Fishing

Homosassa Tarpon Fly Fishing Guide

Since it became popular in the 1970s, Homosassa fishing has evolved a great deal. In particular, Homosassa tarpon fly fishing has attracted some of the greatest anglers of all time to partake in the abundant natural resources of fish and open water in our area. Legends like Billy Pate, Carl Navarre and baseball icon Ted Williams were frequent visitors to this beautiful part of the world and often took part in the plentiful fishing opportunities of the Homosassa area.

Anglers and Guides

While most of the publicity and accolades goes to the famed anglers who participate in Homosassa tarpon fly fishing, recognition must also go to the fishing guides who provide their expertise and knowledge of the area to promote the best possible experience for their fishing companions. For Billy Pate, that partner was Captain Nate Ragland. Before teaming up with Ragland, Pate had worked with both Captain Hank Brown and Captain Lee Baker, both well-known guides in the Homosassa fishing field. It was not until Pate and Ragland began working together, however, that their joint success story began.

The Right Guide Makes a Difference

For Billy Pate, Captain Nate Ragland served as his guide and fishing partner for the better part of 13 years and through numerous successful trips and misadventures. During one notable incident, Pate was fishing with a broken foot and failed to snag a laid up tarpon with his first two casts. On the third cast, the tarpon ate the fly and went under the boat, causing further injury to Pate and snapping the handle from his reel. After replacing the handle and chasing down the fish, Pate and Ragland were finally able to claim well-earned victory over the wily tarpon. This anecdote illustrates the importance of teamwork in Homosassa tarpon fly fishing expeditions.

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