Why Tarpon Fishing Is So Popular?

Booking a Homosassa Tarpon Fishing Charter

Booking a Homosassa Tarpon Fishing Charter

Tarpon fishing presents a unique and enjoyable challenge for sports fishermen from across the world. Each year, many anglers head to Florida to partake in this sport in the drive to catch a trophy fish. While many people focus on tarpon fishing in the Florida Keys or Tampa, savvy anglers instead choose to fish for tarpon in the waters around Homosassa. Here is some information about Homosassa tarpon fishing and why it is so popular from Captain Brian Sawyer with Old South Expeditions.

Homosassa Fishing to Find Tarpon

Homosassa provides a unique opportunity to catch Tarpon as they arrive from the deep waters instead of fishing for them as they travel along the coasts. These fish are huge and can weigh 250 or more pounds and grow up to eight feet long. Female tarpon fish are larger and weigh more than males. Tarpons are believed to live for more than 50 years, and they are known for their spectacular jumping abilities and fighting skills when they are caught on fishing lines.

Starting in the late spring, tarpons start to arrive in Homosassa from their offshore habitats, so the fish in Homosassa tend to be larger than those found in other parts of Florida. Tarpon fishing in Homosassa also allows you to try to catch a trophy fish without being overcrowded by other anglers.

Popularity of Tarpon Fishing

Tarpon fishing is popular because of the strength, size, and ferocity of this species of saltwater fish and the challenges they pose when you hook one. When you hook a tarpon, it can jump six feet into the air above the water while shaking side to side to try to evade the line. The tarpon’s ability to jump and the fight the fish puts up when hooked are two of the reasons tarpon fishing has become incredibly popular in Florida.

It can be difficult to catch a trophy fish, but any tarpon you can catch will qualify. Working with a guide like Captain Brian Sawyer can help you find the places where you are most likely to catch a tarpon around Homosassa.

What Techniques Are Used to Catch Tarpon Fish?

If you want to catch a tarpon, your casting skills will be crucial. You must be accurate in your casting. If you fly fish, you might enjoy the skills required to cast into the wind. Having the right equipment will be important, but we can supply it for you. You’ll need an 11 to 12 wt fly rod, a heavy-duty saltwater fly reel, lines, and tackle. Since we can provide everything you need, you can arrive with your sunglasses and rain gear alone unless you want to bring your own equipment.

Schedule a Homosassa Tarpon Fishing Charter With Old South Expeditions

If you want to participate in the sport of Florida tarpon fishing in Homosassa, talk to Captain Brian Sawyer of Old South Expeditions. Captain Sawyer is a licensed captain and provides fishing charters in and around Homosassa. Contact us today at 863-712-5555.

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