Why Florida is the ‘Fishing Capital of the World

Florida Fishing Charter

Booking a Florida Fishing Charter

There are many reasons why Florida is considered to be an unparalleled destination for anglers. The state boasts a great diversity of habitats, terrific weather, sport fishing opportunities, and year-round fishing opportunities. Here are the top reasons why a Florida fishing charter with Captain Brian Sawyer should be on your list this year.


A survey by the U.S. Census Bureau found that Florida is the number one destination for fishing. Florida boasts more days of recreational fishing opportunities than any other state. More people choose to fish in Florida than elsewhere with several million anglers hitting the coastal waters and lakes every year.

Why Florida is the Fishing Capital

Florida is the fishing capital because of its responsible management, unparalleled resources, year-round fishing opportunities, and its great variety of fishing styles, types of fish, and available waters. You can experience all that the state has to offer for anglers by experiencing Homosassa fishing after getting your license.

Who Fishes in Florida?

Anglers of all ages and backgrounds come to Florida to fish. This has been true for hundreds of years, dating back to the early colonists and the people who came before them. Today, you can see the diversity of the anglers enjoying the Florida waters and see that they represent every type of background and age group. People who choose Homosassa fishing do so because they love the outdoors and experiencing the beauty of nature. During your Florida fishing charter with Captain Brian Sawyer, you can learn about the variety of different habitats and experience the thrill of hooking the fish about which you’ve dreamed.

Best Time to Fish in Florida

Any time you can safely go out on the water is a great time to fish in Florida. As you gain more experience, you will learn that there are certain times that can be more productive for fishing, however.

If you want to fish for freshwater fish, fishing at dusk or dawn generally tends to be the most productive because of the feeding periods of the fish. If it’s hot and bright, look for a shaded area near structures or deeper waters.

If you are going Homosassa fishing for nearshore saltwater fish, timing your fishing charter for when the tide is going in or out during the early morning or late in the day might be a good time.

Captain Brian Sawyer can also help you understand how fishing can be affected by the lunar cycle and weather patterns to help you catch the trophy fish you’ve always dreamed about. Understanding the spawning cycles of various fish species and timing your visit accordingly can also be beneficial.

Schedule a Florida Fishing Charter Today

If you want to explore the best fishing that Florida has to offer, you should schedule a fishing charter for Homosassa fishing with Captain Brian Sawyer of Old South Expeditions. Captain Sawyer is a licensed captain with years of experience that can help to make your adventure more fulfilling. Contact us today to learn more at 863-712-5555.

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