Fishing Booming Again in Homosassa, Florida

Homosassa trout fishing

The waters surrounding Homosassa, Florida have long drawn fishermen with their burgeoning fish and scenery. Before Hurricane Ian struck, fishermen could bring in large hauls of redfish. While the hurricane left its mark across Southwest Florida, leaving nearly unimaginable damage, the ecosystem is resilient and the fish have returned. As a result, many people are heading out on the water to enjoy fishing expeditions on charters with Captain Brian Sawyer of Old South Expeditions. Here’s some information about the fishing action in the waters around Homosassa now.

The State of Fishing in Homosassa

While the inland recovery process will be long and difficult, baitfish are returning to their normal places and the waters are clearing. Birdlife has returned. There are still some issues that anglers need to take into account as they navigate the waters, however. Some sandbars have changed and other navigational aids have disappeared. This makes it a good idea to charter a fishing expedition rather than trying to take to the waters on your own.

At Homosassa, the fish are biting, and anglers are enjoying large catches. If you want to explore Homosassa trout fishing, you can find and catch speckled trout in water between three and four feet deep surrounding grassy rock beds. Anglers use popping cork rigs with soft plastic lures to attract speckled trout, especially during outgoing tides. If you want to catch redfish, you will instead need to time your fishing for incoming tides. At the time the tide first turns outside keys, you might find a school of redfish.

The rocky edges of the keys are a great area to find snook and redfish as the tide swells into the backcountry. You can use bait to attract cut pinfish, and many anglers have found success catching mangrove snapper along the nearshore rocks. The best way to get the fish biting is by chumming while using live shrimp, according to Captain Brian Sawyer of Old South Expeditions. When you take to the water, you can enjoy the natural beauty while enjoying a day of saltwater therapy as you bring in your haul of fish.

Schedule a Fishing Charter with Old South Expeditions

If you’re wanting to fish in Homosassa, you should contact Old South Expeditions to schedule your fishing adventure. Captain Brian Sawyer is a licensed captain who graduated from Florida State University. He turned his lifelong passion for the outdoors and fishing into his business to deliver fishing charters and expeditions. Schedule your Homosassa fishing adventure today by calling us at 863-712-5555.

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