Tips for the Best Cold Water Fishing in Homosassa, Florida

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While many people envision year-round warmth in Florida, it can be colder than you might think during the winter months. Since the temperatures have been cold over the past few weeks, it’s a good idea to review tips for fishing in the cold before you head out on a Homosassa fishing charter with Captain Brian Sawyer of Old South Expeditions. Here are some tips that can help you experience the best Homosassa fishing when the temperatures fall.

1. Fish in the Warmest Areas

When you are searching for fish when it’s cold outside, keep in mind that fish head to the warmest waters available. These areas include shallow flats and deep holes. When you fish on the Crystal River, you can use a depth finder to locate the deeper, warmer areas.

2. Follow the Currents

Fish feed with currents that come from tides and strong winds in the winter. The fish tend to swim during the down tide at a location that has a current traveling across it. In cooler weather, position yourself with the current to increase your chances of catching fish.

3. Time Your Fishing Around Cold Fronts

During the winter in Florida, cold fronts frequently arrive. These fronts typically bring about two days of windy weather following a single day of storms. After the windy weather subsides, the fish are more active. When you time your fishing around cold fronts, you can catch more fish before the subsequent cold front arrives.

4. Fish when the Barometer Rises

You can download a barometer app on your smartphone that will keep track of the atmospheric pressure. When the barometer rises, it’s a good time for the best Homosassa fishing in the winter. Barometers rise when the atmospheric pressure increases, which encourages fish to come out.

5. Use Fresh Bait and Increase Its Scent

Using fresh bait and increasing its scent will attract more fish during the winter months. You can clip the tails of your bait to add more scent to the water and increase the chance a fish will bite.

6. Bring Rain Gear

While it doesn’t rain very often during the winter in Florida, you should still bring rain gear with you. During the winter, you are likely to encounter waves and water spray. Wearing rain gear can keep you dry and warm.

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Cold water fishing in Homosassa can provide a great opportunity for enthusiasts. At Old South Expeditions, Captain Brian Sawyer is a licensed captain with extensive experience helping people find the best fishing spots in and around Homosassa and can help you enjoy a great time. Call Old South Expeditions today to book your Homosassa fishing charter at 863-712-5555.

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