Fishing After the Storm: Homosassa Fishing After a Hurricane

Fishing After a Storm

With hurricane season already well underway in the Homosassa River area, many anglers are wondering what impact hurricane-force winds and rain have on the fishing opportunities in this popular and scenic destination. According to the fishing experts at NOAA Fisheries, hurricanes can affect fish as deep as 120 feet under the surface of the ocean and in shallower waters inland. Fortunately, the fish displaced by major storms are quick to return to their preferred basking and feeding spots. This is good news for anglers interested in fishing after a storm.

Tracking Gray Triggerfish

Research conducted by NOAA Fisheries indicated that gray triggerfish typically fled to deeper water when hurricanes and extreme weather events were about to arrive. The fish that remained in the path of the storm swam much more rapidly than those able to escape from the hurricane. After the storm had passed, however, the gray triggerfish returned to the study area within just a few days.

Planning for Fishing After a Storm

Allowing some time for cleanup and recovery after a major hurricane is a practical way to ensure that the fish have had time to return to affected areas and to promote the greatest safety for you and your fishing party. Working with a company that offers Homosassa fishing charters is often your best option for navigating the complicated waters of the Homosassa and finding the perfect fishing spots after the storm is over.

Working With a Professional Fishing Guide

Companies that provide Homosassa fishing charters can provide you with real help in fishing after a storm or hurricane. These professionals have the experience and the expertise needed to find the perfect spots for taking down tarpon, redfish, flounder, black drum and many other types of fish typically found in the Homosassa area. Your Homosassa fishing guide will provide all the basics, including a fishing license, fishing gear, ice and water. Bring along the sunscreen, rain gear and snacks to ensure that a good time is had by all.

Captain Brian Sawyer and the team at Old South Expeditions can provide you with Homosassa fishing charters that suit your needs and that are designed to help you create memories that will last for your whole life. We provide a curated experience for each of our clients. Call us today at 863-712-5555 or email us at to touch base with us and to schedule your fishing trip. Our team looks forward to the opportunity to share a fishing adventure with you and your companions.

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