Planning Your Fishing Charter in Homosassa Springs

Homosassa Springs Fishing

Homosassa Springs fishing expeditions offer anglers the chance to take down a variety of trophy fish and to enjoy the great outdoors in a tranquil and scenic location. Working with an experienced captain to plan your fishing charter in Homosassa Springs can pay off in several important ways. Here are three good reasons to consider a chartered and curated fishing trip to the Homosassa Springs area this year.

Finding the Perfect Fishing Spot

Your Homosassa Springs fishing guide can help you find the right fishing spots for the types of fish you want to catch. Tarpon and redfish are among the most prolific species of fish in this area and are frequent targets for Homosassa Springs fishing expeditions. Depending on the time of year, you may also see snook, flounder, black drum and sea trout in the Homosassa Springs area.

Exploring the Natural Beauty of Homosassa Springs

An experienced guide can also ensure that you and your companions will see the sights that are of most interest to you. This can make your fishing trip a memorable one and can help you make the most of your Homosassa fishing experience this year.

Creating Memories for the Entire Family

Homosassa Springs is also known for its status as a winter home for West Indian manatees. If you arrive in Homosassa Springs during the right season, you may catch a glimpse of these large marine mammals as they graze on aquatic plants and navigate the shallow waters of the Homosassa Springs area. Your guide may even be able to arrange for a session of swimming with these gentle sea creatures.

If you are looking for a fishing charter in Homosassa Springs, Captain Brian Sawyer and the team at Old South Expeditions can provide you with a curated and customized trip that you will remember for a lifetime. We have the experience and the proven expertise necessary to help you locate the perfect fishing spot and to ensure that you enjoy the sights and sounds of nature as you explore Homosassa Springs and the surrounding areas. We bring everything you need for the perfect day of fishing. You bring the snacks, the rain gear and the sunscreen to create the perfect experience for yourself and your fishing companions. Give Old South Expeditions a call today at 863-712-5555 to book your fishing charter or to touch base with Captain Brian Sawyer and the team. You can also reach us by emailing to discuss your plans with our team. At Old South Expeditions, we are committed to making your fishing dreams come true.

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