Fish Beautiful Crystal River This Year

Crystal river fishing charters

Crystal River has long been known as one of the most scenic cities in the state of Florida. This status was formalized when MSN named Crystal River as one of the most beautiful cities and towns in the state, citing the annual arrival of the manatees and the clear water in which residents and tourists can swim with these majestic and peaceful creatures. The added attention that Crystal River is expected to receive after this accolade will undoubtedly attract more visitors to the area in upcoming months. Crystal River fishing charters are an excellent way to explore this area of Florida with friends and family.

Scenic Spots in Crystal River

Along with its natural beauty, Crystal River offers some amazing attractions for visitors to the area. The splash pad on the picturesque town square is the perfect place for kids to play and to cool off. The Kings Bay Riverwalk is also highly praised for its access to shopping and dining opportunities and to the Kings Bay Park. Further afield, the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge offers many opportunities to commune with nature in a wild and unspoiled setting. Taking the time to explore the areas around Crystal River can make your next fishing trip truly one to remember.

Crystal River Fishing Services

Working with a company that offers Crystal River fishing charters can provide you with the practical support necessary to manage these expeditions. Your fishing guide can point out the best spots for taking the fish you are after while providing you with all the essentials, including a fishing license, fishing gear, a boat and fresh water to drink on your trip. This can make your fishing expedition much more pleasant for you and your companions. By working with a guide that offers Crystal River fishing services, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and the fishing opportunities of Crystal River in the most convenient and relaxing way possible.

Captain Brian Sawyer and Old South Expeditions can make your next fishing trip an amazing experience for you and your companions. We offer Crystal River fishing charters that include just about everything but the snacks and take you to the most productive fishing spots in the Homosassa and Crystal River areas. Give us a call today at 863-712-5555 or email us at to request more information or to schedule your fishing trip today. Captain Brian Sawyer will be happy to help you plan the perfect Crystal River fishing trip this year.

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