High Flyers In June!

With such unusual weather patterns in May it was tough to stay on the fish and maintain a working pattern. One day the Tarpon would be crawling on the bottom and other days they would just refuse to eat! High winds and low visibility left both anglers and guides shaking their heads at the end of the day. However, in June came more consistent weather patterns which led to more consistent fish behavior. June was about as good as it gets here in Homosassa. Some days it seemed like we had endless shots and hook-ups. There were quite a few multiple fish days and several anglers on my bow catching their first Tarpon of their lifetime on fly. With many memories made and celebratory beers consumed, the month of June was one for the books! Now that the hotter weather of July is upon us it should bring out the youngsters. Juvenile Tarpon should be moving into their summer time haunts and ready to eat! Sometimes the funnest ones are the little guys. Lets hope the fish keep on rolling into mid and late July.

– Good times, Sawyer


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