Homosassa Tarpon Fishing

Its that time of year again. The temps are on the rise, thunderstorms pop up just about every afternoon and the tarpon can be seen rolling throughout the bays and inlets. This is a time of year that every fisherman that lives within the tarpon migration route waits for; and Homosassa is no different. Tarpon begin migrating up the coast of Florida as the water temperatures warm; between 75 and 85 degrees.

They then settle into bays and estuaries for the summer to feed. Homosassa makes for an excellent feeding ground due to a variety of factors. Homosassa Bay is smack dab in the middle of the convergence of three major freshwater rivers and their tributaries. The Crystal River, Homosassa River and the Chassahowitzka River all empty into the Gulf of Mexico surrounding Homosassa making it the premier feeding grounds for hungry tarpon.

The network of mangrove islands and deep channels offer up plenty of places for tarpon to move about. This is also an area that holds ideal water temperatures for much longer than most places. This is due to the fact that these freshwater rivers are also spring fed rivers which pump water from the Florida aquifer at a constant 72 degrees.

Tarpon are very interesting fish and there is still a lot left that we do not know about them. Like for instance, tarpon participate in an activity known as a daisy chain. This is where a group of tarpon from anywhere to just a few fish to upwards of a couple hundred will swim in a circle following each other. Still unclear as to why they perform this ritual it is determined that it does not have anything to do with spawning, but have play a part in the mating ritual.

Tarpon also have another unique characteristic about them. They have the ability to breathe air from above the waters surface. Their swim bladder not only acts as a buoyancy aid, but also as a set of lungs much like the lungs you and I have. This technique also allows them to be spotted easier by fishermen when they come to the surface. This allows them to survive in stagnant, oxygen deprived waters and gives them excellent stamina when being fought by an angler.

Regardless of their quirkiness, tarpon remain one of the most sought after sport fish in the world due to their large size, plentifulness, amazing acrobatic displays, and endless stamina. Head to Homosassa, Florida, book a trip with Old South Expeditions and go toe to toe with the silver king.

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