Homosassa Tarpon Fishing | A Hidden Gem

an angler with a tarpon that was just caught in Homosassa, Florida

Tarpon Fishing Season in Florida

As the weather warms up going into late spring, Florida anglers from nearly every coast begin to gear up for Tarpon fishing season. With places like Boca Grande, Tampa, and Key West at the center of most anglers attention, many places in Florida are left alone for anglers to enjoy the same great fishing – without having to sit shoulder to shoulder with other boats. One of these amazing fisheries is nestled along the state’s Nature Coast. Some of the best Tarpon fishing can be found, right here, in Homosassa.

Homosassa Tarpon Fishing

Generally starting in May or June, Tarpon begin to arrive directly from their offshore habitats. In this, the Tarpon in the Homosassa area tend to be bigger than even those found in other areas of Florida. Most Florida fisheries rely on a yearly coastal migration to have Tarpon show up at their shores. But here in Homosassa you can say we have direct access to Tarpon as they migrate towards shore from the deep (not up or down it). This in itself lends this area to some really epic Tarpon fishing. The Tarpon fishing in Homosassa is truly a hidden gem. Big fish and no crowds – it really doesn’t get any better.

A tarpon jumping out of the water in Homosassa

Homosassa Fly Fishing for Tarpon

Here at Old South Expeditions, fly fishing for tarpon is one of our fortes. This is truly one of the best places to fly fish on the planet with its expansive grass flats, diverse estuaries, and highly active backwater systems. Add tarpon to the mix and fly fisherman will literally find themselves in long rod heaven.

Homosassa Tarpon Fishing Charters

For the best in Homosassa fishing charter action, not much will ever beat a tarpon fishing trip. On fly or light tackle, a tarpon fishing charter can be one of the best experiences of your life. Let Captain Brian Sawyer here at Old South Expeditions guide you into this epic fishery for the ultimate in Tarpon fishing excitement.

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