Homosassa Fishing Guides

Homosassa, Florida is nestled along Florida’s Nature Coast. Everything from the fishery to the daily living appeals to those who truly love what the Florida outdoors are all about. In this, Homosassa is home to some of the best fishing guides in the state. Homosassa has drawn in everything from offshore charter fishing Captains who once resided in the Florida Keys, to travelers that landed here and realized this was to become home. While others are truly homegrown locals who have lived a life and developed a passion for being on the water in what some consider one of the most beautiful and diverse places in the state.

Local Homosassa Fishing Guide Captain Brian Sawyer

Captain Brian Sawyer here at Old South Expeditions is one of those who developed a lifelong passion for this fishery and has dedicated a career to servicing the area. Being a 5th generation Floridian, Captain Brian has the Florida outdoors coursing through his veins. Brian spent his early years both fishing here locally in Homosassa, but also traveling the state to fish some of the most epic fisheries on the planet. This includes places from the Keys to Panama City. What this lifetime of understanding multiple Florida ecosystems, estuaries, and gamefish species has done is crafted a true Florida outdoorsman. And with all of that experience and basically endless options for setting up a fishing guide service in Florida, Captain Brian became a Homosassa fishing guide.

You see, Homosassa is an epicenter for all of the ingredients to truly enjoying what we refer to as the “Old Florida”. This is due in part to a small town lifestyle, but in its entirety is what equates to a true sportsmans paradise. For Captain Brian and Old South Expeditions this means fly and light tackle fishing on both the crystal clear and expansive flats, as well as adventuring the back country mangrove systems that are a maze through one of the Nature Coasts finest ecosystems.

And while even the likes of Tarpon fishing in Florida are associated in the mainstream fishing community with places like Everglades National Park, Boca Grande, Tampa Bay and so on – Captain Brian is one of the few Homosassa fishing guides who have tapped into the Tarpon fishing here as not only a trip offering, but as a specialty. This includes on both fly and light tackle. In this, among other skill sets, Captain Brian excels.

Homosassa fishing and the guides who operate here are part of a special breed of Florida outdoorsman. They have spent lifetimes studying patterns, targeting species, and taking guests out to experience a true Florida experience. Those who have had the opportunity to fish all over, but in the end have chosen to call Homosassa home are the kind that will make your next Florida fishing adventure one to remember. As a Homosassa fishing guide, Captain Brian will offer you just that exact thing. A trip to remember in one of Florida’s best kept secrets -Homosassa.

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