Homosassa Redfish Fishing Charters With Captain Brian Sawyer

Homosassa redfish fishing

Also referred to as Red Drum or Channel Bass, redfish are among the most coveted sport fish in the state of Florida. Homosassa redfish fishing expeditions are a great way to reconnect with nature in a serene and beautiful outdoor environment. With redfish found on the flats, shallow water and elsewhere in the area, making plans for a Homosassa redfish fishing trip can help you and your companions to enjoy an outstanding chance to take down one of these beautiful fish for yourselves.

A Popular Choice for Anglers

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission list redfish as the state’s most widespread estuarine fish, which means that these fish live in the briny and brackish waters close to where the land meets the sea. As a result, Homosassa is an outstanding location for taking redfish, which are cited as one of the most popular targets among anglers in our area.

Finding the Right Fishing Spot

While working with a Homosassa redfish fishing guide can help you to find out-of-the-way fishing spots for these trophy fish, you can also improve your chances of catching a redfish by taking a trip to the grass flats or shallow flats. Redfish are most often found in very shallow waters of one to four feet in depth, which means that fishing from the shore, a dock or a pier can also produce good results in some cases. In some cases, redfish are found in freshwater tidal creeks and rivers. The right fishing spot can help you enjoy a more productive session when out on the water this year and next.

Selecting the Right Baits for Redfish

An experienced guide can often provide you with the information and the gear you need to catch redfish more easily. Some of the most effective baits and lures, however, include the following:

  • Live bait is generally preferred for redfish, especially live shrimp, mud minnows, pinfish and small blue crabs. Small mullet and ladyfish can also be used to good effect to snag these fish.
  • Artificial lures should generally mimic the shrimp, marine worms and crabs that constitute much of the redfish diet. These methods of taking redfish are not always as effective as the use of live bait.

Working with a qualified and knowledgeable Homosassa redfish fishing captain can help you to enjoy a fishing expedition that you and your companions will long remember. Your fishing guide can deliver a curated experience for you and your friends to help you find and catch the fish you want in the Homosassa area.

Captain Brian Sawyer and Old South Expeditions

Old South Expeditions can provide you with Homosassa redfish fishing trips that will provide you with the best chance of taking down a trophy fish this year. Captain Brian Sawyer has the experience and the knowledge you need to find the perfect fishing spots and to deploy the right gear for these sport fish. Give us a call today at 863-712-5555 to discuss your upcoming trip and to touch base with our team. You can also reach us by email at thereport1@gmail.com.

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