Homosassa Duck Hunting Charters With Captain Brian Sawyer and Old South Expeditions

Homosassa Waterfowl Hunting Season

Homosassa Waterfowl Hunting Season

If you are considering a Homosassa waterfowl hunting trip this year or next, keeping a close eye on the permit and season requirements for the state of Florida can help you stay on the right side of the law during your hunting adventure. Working with an experienced Homosassa duck hunting guide can provide the support you need to plan the best hunting trip ever for yourself and your companions. Here are some key pieces of information you should know about duck and waterfowl hunting in Florida.

Florida divides its waterfowl seasons into two phases:

  • November 20 to 28 marks the first phase of waterfowl season and kicks off on the 20th with a Youth Day that is reserved only for hunters aged 15 or younger. After that date, however, all hunters with the appropriate waterfowl permits, hunting license and other necessary permits can participate in the Florida waterfowl season.
  • The second phase of the season begins on December 11 and continues through January 30. This general hunting season is open to hunters of all ages with the appropriate licenses and permits.

Your Homosassa duck hunting guide can help you plan your trip to coincide with the allowed seasons for the waterfowl you want to hunt.

No Lead Allowed

Florida prohibits the use of lead shot in taking ducks and other waterfowl. Additionally, shotguns must hold no more than three shells and must use non-toxic shot. Baiting of waterfowl is also prohibited in the state of Florida. Your Homosassa waterfowl hunting guide can provide you with guidance and, in some cases, the gear you need to enjoy your hunting trip to the fullest.

Permit Requirements

All waterfowl hunters must obtain a Florida waterfowl permit for $5 and a federal duck stamp that costs $28.50. You will also need a migratory bird permit and a valid hunting license to be allowed to hunt these birds legally in the state of Florida.

Daily Bag Limits

Florida maintains limits on the number of ducks you can take each day to six total. There are also limits on the types of ducks you can take each day in Florida:

  • Three wood ducks
  • Two mallards, only one of which can be female
  • Two canvasbacks
  • Two redheads
  • One pintail
  • One mottled duck
  • One fulvous whistling duck
  • One scaup or bluebill from November 20 through 28 and from December 11 through January 10
  • Two scaup or bluebill ducks from January 11 to January 30

Other species of duck are subject only to the six-duck bag limit. By working with a Homosassa waterfowl hunting expert, you can adhere to these regulations while enjoying a wonderful trip with your favorite companions.

The Value of the Right Guide

Working with a qualified Homosassa duck hunting guide can help you find the best hunting spots and the most effective strategies for taking the waterfowl you want. Your guide will provide you with decoys, drinking water and a cooler with ice. In general, you will need to provide your own gun, any snacks or drinks you want, the required licenses and steel shells or other approved non-toxic ammunition.

At Old South Expeditions, Captain Brian Sawyer is a knowledgeable Homosassa waterfowl hunting guide with years of experience in our area. Captain Sawyer can create a curated hunting trip for you and a companion that will help you enjoy duck hunting opportunities to the fullest. To learn more, give Old South Expeditions a call today at 863-712-5555 or call us at thereport1@gmail.com. Captain Sawyer and the Old South Expeditions team is here to help you enjoy the best of Homosassa duck hunting now and in the future.

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