Experience Homosassa Snook Fishing With Captain Brian Sawyer

Homosassa snook fishing

Snook are one of the favored targets of anglers in the state of Florida. These large game fish are prevalent along the Homosassa River and offer excellent opportunities during snook season, which runs from September 1 to December 15 each year. Homosassa is a great place to catch snook and to explore the beautiful natural scenery in this picturesque area of Florida. Enlisting the services of a Homosassa snook fishing guide is a great way to find and catch a trophy fish worth bragging about. Here are some of the basics of snook fishing in the state of Florida.

One Fish Per Day on the Atlantic Side

Snook fishing is still closed on the Gulf Coast side of the state. On the Atlantic coast, however, anglers are allowed to keep one fish each day during the open season. Working with an experienced Homosassa fishing guide is one of the best ways to stay on the right side of these regulations, which are intended to protect the breeding population and to prevent overfishing of this very popular game fish.

Size Limits Do Apply

When planning your Homosassa snook fishing expedition, you should also be aware that there are some strictly enforced size limits on snook. Anglers are only allowed to take fish in the range between 28 to 32 inches. This reduces the impact of fishing on larger, older and more successful females, which typically are the most fertile. It also allows smaller fish to grow and encourages a healthy population of snook to create future generations of this popular game fish.

Benefits of a Homosassa Snook Fishing Guide

If you are planning a Homosassa fishing trip this year, working with an experienced and knowledgeable guide is a great way to find the perfect fishing spot for taking snook and other game fish in this area. Your Homosassa snook fishing guide will help you to acquire the proper permits and will supply all the necessary gear to make your fishing trip a success for you and your companions. This can ensure that you enjoy a memorable and productive trip to the Homosassa River this year.

Finding the right Homosassa fishing guide can be challenging. Captain Brian Sawyer and the team at Old South Expeditions make it easier by providing you with the gear, water and licenses you need to enjoy the Homosassa snook fishing experience for yourself and your fishing companions. If you bring the sunscreen and the snacks, we will take care of just about everything else. To learn more about our Homosassa Springs fishing charters, give us a call at 863-712-5555 or email us at thereport1@gmail.com. Captain Brian and the Old South Expeditions team will be happy to create a curated Homosassa Springs fishing experience for you and your fishing companions this year.

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