Seven Strategies for Tarpon Fly Fishing in Homosassa, Florida

Homosassa tarpon fly fishing

The Atlantic tarpon is a large saltwater fish that is highly prized by anglers in Florida. This silver ray-finned fish can reach lengths over eight feet and can weigh more than 350 pounds. Fly fishing for tarpon is a popular activity in the Homosassa area of Florida. Working with a qualified and experienced fishing guide is typically your best strategy for achieving the best results for your fishing expedition. Here are seven tips to keep in mind when planning your tarpon fly-fishing trip this year.

Be Ready for Anything

While the weight of tarpon is significant, it is the fierceness and acrobatic abilities of these large fish that can present real challenges for unprepared anglers. Tarpon are relatively easy to hook but difficult to land. Your Homosassa fishing guide can often provide you with guidance on the right process for setting your hook and landing your fish. This can help you to avoid novice mistakes when fishing for tarpon.

Do Your Research

Working with a qualified Homosassa fishing guide is typically a good first step in learning what to expect on your tarpon fly fishing trip. Your guide will know the best spots and the most effective techniques for attracting and taking tarpon in the local area to make your fishing trip a real success. You can also read online about the habits of tarpon and the best strategies for fly fishing for these silver kings of the ocean.

Plan Your Trip

Making plans for a curated tarpon fly fishing trip in Homosassa can increase your chance of success in taking down these large and acrobatic fish. Your fishing guide can provide you with guidance and a framework for your trip that will set you up for success and will allow you to enjoy the best and most memorable trip for yourself and your companions this year.

Find the Perfect Spot

Each year beginning in May or June, the tarpon begin their return to the Crystal River fishery and the Homosassa area. This is the perfect opportunity to snag a larger-than-average tarpon in this scenic and unspoiled area of Florida. Planning your fishing expedition for this time will allow you to take down a trophy tarpon and to make memories you and your friends will cherish for years to come.

Practice Makes Perfect

Whether you have a new rod or are just unfamiliar with the challenges of fly fishing, taking some time out to practice before your trip can help you to achieve greater success. Your fishing guide can often provide you with tips on proper form and the best ways to snag the fish of your dreams this year.

Keep the Fish in the Water

Since most tarpon are released, it is important to do as little damage to the fish as possible during the fishing process. Keep the tarpon in the water during and after the fight to provide these large fish with the best chance of survival after their release.

Set the Stage for Success

Your Homosassa fishing guide can provide you with the gear you need and the advice you require to make your tarpon fly fishing trip a success. At Old South Expeditions, Captain Brian Sawyer can provide you with all the gear you need, a license to fish, water, ice and a cooler along with many years of Homosassa fishing expertise. This can streamline the preparation process and can help you to enjoy the most relaxing and rewarding tarpon fly fishing experience this year.

To learn more about the services available from Captain Brian Sawyer and the Old South Expeditions team, email us at or call us at 863-712-5555. We look forward to the chance to make your next fishing trip the best ever.

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