Tarpon Season 2021 Wraps Up

Well…. this years Tarpon season was a strange one for sure. It wasn’t the lack of Tarpon in Homosassa that made the fishing tough, it was the lack of a decent weather day to get something going on the flat.  The first couple weeks of May started out great! Everyone was catching fish left and right. One of my anglers had a record 6 fish day on the bow. It was shaping up to be an outstanding season . On May 18th the sustained gale force winds out of the east blew for what seemed like the rest of the month. It went from fish in the air to anglers resting their asses on the casting platform.  Sure we had breaks in the weather where we could get some decent fishing in but for the most part it was a constant battle with the elements.

Then June came and May’s winds seemed to subside. It actually started out fantastic.  However, after about a week or two of pretty decent fishing conditions some serious gloomy weather seemed to hover right over the nature coast for about the last half of the month. Again, the fish were here but if thy weren’t on the surface it was all but impossible to get a shot. We pulled a few “hail mary” shots out of our ass, but for the most part it was tough titties.

Don’t get me wrong, we definitely had our days where we absolutely crushed them but it wasn’t as many as we should have had. I think the real frustration came with the fact that there were so many Tarpon at times but so difficult to hunt. I guess thats just fishing. All in all the folks that i fished with this year made everything worth it. I couldn’t have asked for a better crowd on the bow. Look forward to seeing everyone back next year and working with some new anglers in 2022.

Check out the 2021 season highlight video here https://youtu.be/DM4cOv2H2L0

Take Care, Sawyer



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