The 2018-19 duck season was about as good as it gets. Most days the birds in our area seemed to be airborne and working decoys fairly well. Early in the season hunters had decent opportunities at puddle ducks such as Teal, Shovelers, Pintail and Widgeon. However, this migration was short-lived, the dabblers packed their bags just a few weeks after they arrived. After the mass exodus it was back to hunting diver-ducks, most hunters managed to shoot their limits of Redheads easily. With that said… when it comes to waterfowl, or any hunting for that matter, you have to take the bad with the good. We experienced a handful of days where the the light winds and the warm temps kept the birds on the water, content just floating around the marsh. Frustration became an understatement, and several hunts we didn’t even pull the trigger. Its days like this that keep your drive strong, you remember why you love the the hunt, what brought you here and why you are so passionate. It’s not always the number of birds you kill, but the company you keep and the freedom from the rest of society. Determination and ambition kept us alive, and a few scouting trips north put us back in the hands of success. As the season came to a close mixed bags of Bluebills, Buffleheads and Redhead limits were not uncommon. We even managed to shoot a 15 man-limit of sea-ducks one afternoon. It was an absolute pleasure to get to hunt with everyone this year and meet folks from all over this great nation. I appreciate the opportunity every hunter gave me to guide them to the birds and experience our unique area in the Homosassa marsh. I hope I made your experience as memorable as you made mine. See you in the blind next year! – Sawyer

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