Why the Chassahowitza River Is a Great Fishing Destination

Chassahowitzka River Fishing

Every year, anglers from all over the U.S. and the world head to Florida to experience its world-renowned fishing opportunities. One fishing destination that should not be overlooked is the Chassahwoitzka River. A Chassahowitzka River fishing charter with Old South Expeditions can allow you to explore this pristine destination and explore the fertile grounds for various types of fish along your journey. Here’s some information about the Chassahowitza River and why it’s a destination to include on your next trip to Florida.

About Chassahowitza River Fishing

The Chassahowitzka River flows into the Gulf of Mexico and has distinct features along its length that provide great opportunities for fishing. The first three miles of its six-mile length feature a series of tributary creeks that originate from varying springs. The second half boasts multiple features that boast tons of fish species, including oyster bars, tidal creeks, keys populated by mangroves, and salt marshes. The river is quite shallow at depths ranging from one to four feet, making it difficult for larger vessels to navigate. When the river reaches the Gulf, the depth grows by one foot per mile traveled westward. Five miles inland from the Gulf, you can fish while standing in five feet of saltwater, which means the fishing is exceptional.

Surrounded by the Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Refuge and state-owned wilderness areas, the eastern three miles of the river feature jungle-like foliage and plant life that draws photographers, kayakers, nature lovers, and more. In this section of the river, you might catch crossover species like largemouth bass, mangrove snapper, bluegill, and sheepshead as well as freshwater species. While on your Chassahowitzka River fishing charter, you’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy sightings of other wildlife, including dolphins, manatees, red-shouldered hawks, feral pigs, herons, and wood storks.

The forests that surround the river feature numerous tree species, including bays, red maples, cypress, palm trees, cedars, and maples. Further west, the view opens to allow sights of the tide and the surrounding area. You’ll see vistas accentuated by hardwood hammocks that span over salt marshes and huge skies.

The mangroves and oyster bars boast numerous land animal species as you enjoy saltwater fishing for snapper, inshore drum, red drum, redfish, and snook. Your charter can then head to the Gulf of Mexico to fish for numerous species that travel along the flats, including tarpon, Spanish mackerel, pompano, Jack Crevalle, cobia, and even sharks. During the summer months, some people choose to snorkel for sea scallops and grill their catch.

Book a Chassahowitzka River Fishing Charter

If you’re planning to visit Florida for a fishing adventure, you should book a Chassahowitzaka River fishing charter with Captain Brian Sawyer of Old South Expeditions. Captain Sawyer is a licensed captain who can guide your journey for the best fishing and limitless opportunities for enjoying nature. Contact us today at 863-712-5555 to get started.

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