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Clothing Tips from a Homosassa Fishing Guide

When you’re planning to schedule a Homosassa fishing charter this summer, it’s important to ensure you pack the right clothing to keep comfortable during your adventure. The Florida heat and humidity can be draining when you don’t wear the right clothing. Here are some recommendations from Homosassa fishing guide, Captain Brian Sawyer of Old South Expeditions regarding what to bring when you’re heading to Florida for the best Homosassa fishing charter during the upcoming months.

Wicking Fabric Materials: Modern polyester blends have been created to keep you cool while wicking away moisture and are great for anglers in Florida. These fabrics draw moisture to the shirt’s exterior to evaporate and keep you cool. Many wicking fabrics are also water- and stain-resistant. You can buy t-shirts, pants, socks, and collared shirts made from wicking fabric to bring with you for your Homosassa fishing charter.

Convertible Shorts: Spending all day in the heat can be draining. Convertible shorts are a great option since they have pant legs you can unzip and remove to convert them to shorts. This allows you to begin the day wearing pants while removing the legs later in the day to remain cool in the afternoon heat. You should also look for convertible shorts that are moisture-resistant and have extra pockets for convenience.

Shoes: Make sure to bring water shoes and lightweight sandals with you on your Homosassa fishing charter. Your sandals can help your feet remain cool and keep you grounded while you’re reeling a large fish in. If you choose to bring water shoes, look for ones that are waterproof and have drainage tubes to quickly remove water.

Gloves to Protect Your Hands: While the thought of wearing gloves during the summer might seem odd, it’s still a good idea to bring a pair. Gloves can protect your hands from painful sunburns when you are fishing all day. Look for gloves that have sun protection built in.

Wide-Brimmed Hat: While a wide-brimmed hat won’t take the place of sunscreen, wearing one can help to protect your face and ears from the sun and keep you cool. Bring a hat, and also don’t forget your sunscreen.

Sunglasses: Bring a great pair of sunglasses with you on your best Homosassa fishing charter adventure. Choose polarized glasses to keep your eyes safe while providing you with the ability to peer down in the water to find fish.

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If you’re ready for the best Homosassa fishing trip this summer, you should contact Old South Expeditions. Our Homosassa fishing guide, Captain Brian Sawyer is a licensed captain with years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the best fishing spots in the Homosassa waters. Call us today at 863-712-5555 to schedule your adventure.

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