The Perfect Fishing Spot in Homosassa Starts With the Right Fishing Guide

fishing homosassa

Planning on Fishing Homosassa?

If you are planning on fishing Homosassa waters this year, finding the perfect fishing spots can help you enjoy the most productive trip and the best experience possible. Booking a Homosassa fishing charter is a great way to find the best spots for the fish you want to catch and to take some of the stress out of the process for you and your companions. Here are some of the best places for fishing in Homosassa throughout the year.

Explore the Shallows

During the winter months, many larger recreational fish make their way to the shorelines and shallows to maintain their preferred water temperatures. These include redfish, sea trout and many other species of fish that are in demand among anglers. The Chassahowitzka River is a favored fishing destination for sea trout and offers great opportunities for shallows and seagrass fishing. Your Homosassa fishing charter captain can provide the navigational expertise you need to ensure a safe and productive trip for you and your guests. Experienced boat captains have the knowledge necessary to avoid damage to their vessels in these shallow waters.

Follow the Wildlife

Water birds feed on fish in the Homosassa area. These bird species include cormorants, brown pelicans and frigate birds, all of which maintain nesting sites in this area of Florida. By watching the movements of these birds on a regular basis, Homosassa fishing charter captains can provide you with expert guidance on the best places for fishing Homosassa River waters. Redfish are commonly found in the mangrove swamp areas of St. Martins Marsh Aquatic Preserve. These fish feed on the barnacles and baitfish that make the mangrove swamps their home. As a result, these areas are popular with water birds and are ideal fishing spots for anglers looking to take this variety of fish.

Winter Brings Greater Variety

During the winter months in Homosassa, salt-water and freshwater fish often share space in rivers and offer a greater variety of available fish for your Homosassa fishing expedition. Cold weather attracts redfish, trout, snook and black drum as well as the mangrove snapper to the warmer inland waters of the rivers in our area. Further inland, freshwater species are commonly found feeding on baitfish in the fresh river water.

Choosing the Right Homosassa Fishing Charter

Working with a knowledgeable and reliable fishing guide is a great way to find the best fishing in Homosassa and to create a curated experience for you and your fishing buddies. Your fishing boat captain will typically supply bait, tackle and other necessities for a great day out on the water. Whether you are looking for a fishing trip to the shallows of the Homosassa or nearshore adventures on the sea, your fishing boat captain will help you create the perfect fishing expedition for you, your friends and family members.

At Old South Expeditions, Captain Brian Sawyer can provide you with the best guidance and support for creating your own fishing trip from start to finish. Whether you are interested in fly-fishing for giant tarpon or taking trophy fish with light tackle, Old South Expeditions can deliver the right options for you. Call us today at 863-712-5555 to discuss your upcoming plans with our team. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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