Florida Flats Fishing Done Right

Florida Flats Fishing

The grass flats of Florida are popular destinations for fishing and offer an extensive array of fish species for anglers. Planning a Florida flats fishing trip can provide you with the opportunity to catch redfish, black drum, flounder, tarpon and trout in scenic surroundings and with good company. The right fishing guide and boat captain can make a big difference in your Homosassa flats fishing experience. Here are some of the most important tips to consider when planning for Florida flats fishing this year and next.

Timing Matters

Winter is widely regarded as the best time for Florida flats fishing. Temperatures are moderate, which can make it much more pleasant for you and your companions. Fish are more likely to come inland to feed in the grass flats during the winter, which can make your Homosassa flats fishing trip even more productive and enjoyable for you. By timing your trip to coincide with peak fishing in the Homosassa and other areas of Florida, you can ensure that a good time will be had by all.

Watch the Weather

If you are planning a trip to the flats, keeping an eye on the weather can help you to be more successful in snagging fish. For instance, colder weather can sometimes reduce the number of warm-weather fish that appear in the flats. Hotter weather can result in sluggish or lethargic fish that may be less likely to take the bait. Planning your Florida flats fishing trip to coincide with optimal weather conditions may not always be possible. Your fishing captain, however, may have some tips on how to achieve success even in less-than-perfect weather.

Choose the Right Locations

Working with an experienced fishing guide will often allow you to find the perfect Homosassa flats fishing spots for your expedition. In general, fish are more likely to bite in areas that commonly attract baitfish and that offer plentiful feeding options. Channels, inlets and areas of slow-moving water are popular spots for Florida flats fishing. Your boat captain can navigate these waters safely and can provide you with expert recommendations on the perfect spots for taking the trophy fish you have always wanted.

Look for Obvious Signs of Fish

In some cases, you may be able to spot an ideal Homosassa flats fishing spot by sight alone. Schools of baitfish are often a good sign that more attractive targets may be nearby. Flocks of fish-loving water birds can also point the way to the best locations for Florida flats fishing trips. Your boat captain can often provide you with added help in spotting these obvious cues and finding the perfect location for your fishing activities.

Work With a Trusted Professional

Your Florida flats fishing trip can allow you to build memories that will last for years to come. Old South Expeditions and Captain Brian Sawyer can deliver the best Homosassa flats fishing charters for you, your family and your fishing companions. Call us today at 863-712-5555 or visit us online to touch base with our team and to plan your next fishing trip today. We look forward to the chance to fish with you.

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