Redfish Fishing in Florida: Hints and Strategies

Florida Redfish Fishing

Booking a Florida Redfish Fishing Trip

The Crystal River is a popular destination for Florida redfish fishing excursions. If you are planning a Homosassa redfish fishing trip this year, working with an experienced guide can often provide you with added help in snagging the trophy fish of your dreams. Redfish, also known as red drum, are plentiful in the Homosassa area. Planning a trip to this area centered on Florida redfish fishing can allow you to enjoy the beauty of nature while capturing a fish you’ll be proud to show off to your friends.

Finding Redfish by Location

One way to find redfish is to consider the food sources available for these large fish. Oyster bars and grass flats are popular areas for redfish to feed. Your fishing guide can often provide you with information on the best places to capture red drum and other trophy fish and can help you achieve the most productive fishing expedition possible.

Following the Tide

Like most fish that live in coastal areas, redfish follow the movements of the tides to find food in areas that would otherwise be inaccessible to them. Grass flats, oyster bars and inland sides of mudflats can be great locations for your Florida redfish fishing trip during incoming tides. Conversely, during outgoing tides, the bottlenecks created where water rushes into the sea can allow you to snag red drum more easily. Working with an experienced Homosassa redfish fishing guide can provide you with the expertise you need to take advantage of tides and their effects on the fish you want to catch.

Choosing the Right Bait or Lure

When planning your Homosassa redfish fishing excursion, you can select from live bait, frozen bait, cut bait or lures designed to attract these large fish. Active live bait is best suited for warmer weather. For cooler water temperatures, selecting bait that is cut or frozen can often allow you to reel in the fish you want more easily. Your use of lures should follow the same principle of faster movements during warm weather and slower, more deliberate lures and motions during the winter months. Choosing the right fishing strategies for various times of year and water temperatures can allow you to enjoy the greatest productivity during your fishing trip.

Planning for Sight Fishing

Depending on where you choose to fish, you can often spot red drum along the bottoms of shallow flats where they feed. Larger redfish typically feed in shallow water with their tails extended out of the water, which allows anglers to see them more easily. Your Homosassa redfish fishing guide can assist you in the right techniques for capturing redfish in these areas.

At Old South Expeditions, Captain Brian Sawyer can provide you with the practical help and expertise you need for your Florida redfish fishing trip. We provide the boat, the guidance and the tools you need to capture redfish and other game fish in the Homosassa area. Give us a call today at 863-712-5555 or drop us a line at You can also contact us online to request more information or to schedule your next Homosassa redfish fishing excursion with us. Captain Brian Sawyer and the Old South Expeditions team is ready to help you make memories that will last a lifetime.

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