Planning Your Homosassa Tarpon Fishing Trip With Old South Expeditions

Homosassa Tarpon Fishing

Your Homosassa Tarpon Fishing Guide

The tarpon is one of the largest and most popular game fish in the waters surrounding Florida. It can grow to almost 300 pounds, which makes it a very challenging fish to capture. Tarpon are not used for food because of the numerous tiny bones that are scattered densely throughout the flesh of this game fish. In the state of Florida, tarpon are strictly catch-and-release except for those going for a world record with the International Game Fish Association. These individuals can keep one fish with the purchase of one $50 tag. Working with a guide who specializes in Homosassa tarpon fishing trips will allow you to enjoy the most enjoyable experience during your vacation this year.

Finding the Right Location

While tarpon can be found in many areas around Florida, Homosassa is one of the best places to find these large game fish. By working with a company that offers charter fishing trips specifically to catch tarpon, you and your party will enjoy the most practical help in finding the right spots to catch and release these fish. Your guide will provide you with the right equipment and fishing boat to make your trip a success.

Gearing Up for Successful Homosassa Tarpon Fishing Trip

Fly tackle is the standard method for taking down these game fish and can make your trip exciting as well as rewarding. Even though you will not be able to keep more than one of the tarpon you take, you can still keep records of your catch that will remind you of these experiences for many years to come. Your guide will help you to document your catch and will provide you with the best guidance and the right support to make your trip one you will never forget.

At Old South Expeditions, we offer Homosassa tarpon fishing charters tailored to your needs and designed to help you achieve an unforgettable experience for yourself and your friends. Led by Captain Brian Sawyer, our fishing trips are customized to suit your needs and to provide you with the expert guidance needed to ensure the most productive and memorable trip ever. Call Old South Expeditions today at 863-712-5555 or send us an email at to request more information or to schedule your next fishing trip today.

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