Warmer Weather Bring Better Bites!

Sustainability is the key to good fishing. Whether it’s consistently cold, hot, humid or windy, the fish need time to acclimate to their surroundings and settle into a habitat they feel is optimal for the ambient conditions. Now that the weather and wind have started to become more predictable the the fish have been much easier to pattern.  You can rely on the Snook & Redfish to be in their usual early-spring-time haunts. The big Snook are starting to push out of the Homosassa River & Crystal River and set up shop on the outside islands and points. Redfish have moved out of the backwaters and feeder creeks onto the flats and barrier islands. Pinfish, shrimp, paddle-tail soft plastics or a well presented fly should do the trick. The Redfish bite has been strong!!

Juvenile Tarpon can be found on warmer days where the water temp is around 72 -74 degrees. They are usually good for a few bites then shut down, typical for this time of year. Once the water temp drops just a few degrees they retreat back to deeper river basins and main channels not to be seen again until temperatures rise. With that said, it wont be long until Tarpon season gets into full swing. We will start targeting migratory fish (Mature Tarpon) around late April, early May. Depending on water temps and migratory behavior we usually get our first big push around the first of May. I have a few dates left in May if you’re looking for a shot at a giant Homosassa Tarpon on fly.

Let’s go fishing!


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