Sight Fishing Homosassa

The redfish bite is as strong as ever here in the Homosassa area of Florida. And with that comes some exciting and heart-pounding sight-fishing action. With clear skies and shallow waters, sight-fishing for the mighty redfish is easily done with artificial lures or even flies. Fly-fisherman, this is what you’ve been waiting for. Seeing a hungry redfish, stalking it and making that perfect cast is what we all dream of, and Captain Brian Sawyer here at Old South Expeditions can make that dream a reality. But before you go barging into the marsh grass, there are some things you must know when it comes to sighting and pursuing redfish.

First things first. Be sure you have yourself a good pair of polarized sunglasses. This means the world when it comes to sighting redfish along the flats here in Homosassa. When it comes to polarized sunglasses, lens color plays the most important role for sight-fishing. A green or amber tint typically provides the best contrast for these shallow water flats. Be sure to check out Smith’s line of sunglasses with their chromaPop lens technology, they provide the quality needed when it comes to hunting those big redfish. Pair those sunglasses with your favorite ball cap to provide even more sun protection and you’ll be spotting reds in no time!

Silence is key when it comes to sneaking up on those unsuspecting reds. This means working with your guide as he pushes the boat silently through the shallow flats scanning and searching for the prize. Minimize talking by using the numbers on a clock to give direction of where a fish may be. If he says redfish 2 o’clock, you know exactly where he’s talking. You both must also have an understanding as to distance. Best way to tackle this is to begin by making a cast and both of you come to an agreement on how far that cast was. This all needs to be synchronized before leaving the launch. This practice will result in much better results as opposed to talking more than you have to.

Once a redfish is spotted, that’s when the adrenaline kicks in. It is important to make that first cast count; you may not have another crack at it. If the fish is on the move, you will want to try and lead it with your lure or fly. This is crucial as you don’t want to throw it right on top of the fish as to not spook it, but you also do not want to put it too far out in front of him so he may not see it or notice it or even change his direction before he reaches it. This may take some practice, but if you take deep breaths and relax, you may be surprised.

This is some great general knowledge to be aware of when booking a guided trip with Capt. Brian Sawyer. Knowing this little bit will put you ahead of the curve when venturing out looking for your prized redfish. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go sight-fish some redfish. The bite should continue to be strong for the next few months.