Homosassa Cobia Fishing

Homosassa Cobia Fishing

Cobia are fairly abundant here in Homosassa and targeting them on fly is one of our favorite methods. These fish may be seen swimming along buoys, floating over grass flats and near sandy beaches. Cobia also often seek shelter from predators by swimming beneath Sting Rays. Homosassa Cobia Fishing  is some of the best fishing in the world.

Cobia are a large brown, semi torpedo shaped, species of fish. These fish average from 10 to 80 pounds. However, much larger Cobia have been reaped from the Atlantic’s waters. Destin Florida relinquished a 130 pound Cobia, the current world record. Moreover, Cobia are carnivores. These fish will strike almost anything and are known to gobble up Squid, Eels, Shrimp, Crab, and Pinfish. Cobia find Pinfish irresistible.

Fly fishing for Cobia is much like targeting Redfish. Cobia soak up the sun’s rays and lurk about 6 inches below the surface. The angler must simply look for a U-shaped wake on the water’s surface (a head wake or push) or by their silhouette.

While fly fishing Cobia, it’s essential not to spook them, although Cobia are frenzied feeders, they’re easily spooked. Delicate presentations while stealthily stalking the flats are the key here.

With Fall quickly approaching, it’s best to seek Florida’s Southern waters to target Cobia. Cobia prefer water temperatures above 68 degrees. Although Cobia may be found throughout the Atlantic, they migrate to Southern waters during October to avoid Winter’s bite.

Captain Brian Sawyer holding up a cobia he caught.

A Homosassa Cobia Fishing trip or fly fishing trip with Captain Brian Sawyer here at Old South Expeditions offers trips targeting this species, as well as the other inshore favorites here in Homosassa, Florida. Captain Brian is a fly angler at heart and these trips with him at the helm are a definite do not miss for the traveling fly fisherman.

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