Florida Duck Hunting Comes To A Close

Florida duck hunting always throws us a curve ball. This season was tough to say the least. The warm weather and mild winds had most of the migration hung up north in cooler climates for the majority of the season. At the end of the day our duck hunts should have been fishing trips, haha. Now that the season is over its cold, windy and “ducky” as ever…. go figure. With that said we did have some epic days hunting the Homosassa salt marsh and Nature Coast areas. During our cold snaps we shot good birds including Teal, Shovelers, Redheads, Scaup & Buffleheads. One of my regulars, Greg Best,  shot his first banded duck! A Readhead that was banded in Montana in 2018 and flew all the way down to Homosassa, FL crossing several major flyways on his way. Harvesting just one banded duck in Florida is quite an accomplishment. Although the season was a bit on the slow end, the long days scouting accompanied with great hunters paid off with a successful season. I look forward to having everyone that hunted with me this year back and hopefully get to hunt with some new faces next season. Its time to get the guns cleaned and decoys put away because its time to fish, and Homosassa Tarpon season is right around the corner!

Take Care, Sawyer

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